As the numbers of RTI applications increase, agencies may find that they need to streamline their processing systems to ensure they continue to meet statutory processing timeframes under the legislation. Agencies may also need to refresh templates, procedures and policies to make sure they are compliant with recent precedent decisions from the Office of the Information Commissioner or QCAT. I offer a consultancy service for exactly this purpose.


I work with your agency’s RTI team to find out where they expend significant time and resources during the processing cycle. Following this review, I will identify areas where efficiencies could be made and make recommendations. Previous recommendations I have made include:

  •   team restructure, clearly defining roles of decision makers
  •  recruitment of additional decision makers following a resourcing review of the team
  •  introducing updated templates with recent case law
  • new briefing processes for Ministers and Senior Executives; and
  • training for staff.


The consultancy service will be tailored to your agency and your team. I recommend this service to any agency with an RTI team. It’s been 10 years since the introduction of the RTI Act and IP Act and a lot of has happened in the world of RTI in that time. My goal is to make sure your RTI team is providing the best service it can to the Queensland public.




Education is a key focus of RTI Consultants. It is vital that all government employees are trained on their obligations and responsibilities under the Right to Information Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009 to ensure compliance with Queensland’s information access and privacy system.



While government employees may not be directly involved in information access processing or managing privacy complaints, they must still comply with these pieces of legislation. The RTI Act places obligations on employees to maintain proper records and provide information subject to information access requests.  The IP Act requires all government employees collect, use, disclose and store personal information of individuals in accordance with the privacy principles.


To assist government employees in understanding and complying with these obligations, we have created two 15 minutes training videos. These can be purchased via a yearly licence or individually per staff member. 

 Course One - Training on the Right to Information Act


Our 15 minute RTI training course educates public servants about the importance of the right to information system in Queensland and their role and obligations under the system.


The course covers:

  • the different pieces of legislation that give the public access to government held information
  • the types of information subject to the legislation
  • how to search for information subject to an information access request
  • the importance of collaboration between an agency's staff and it's RTI team/decision-maker; and
  • an overview of exemptions and the public interest balancing test.

Course Two - Training on the Information Privacy Act


Our 15 minute Privacy training course educates public servants about the fundamental human right of privacy and how to handle personal information.


The course covers:

  • the definition of personal information
  • an overview of the information privacy principles (collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information)
  • consequences of non-compliance with the privacy principles
  • dealing with contracted service providers; and
  • responses to privacy breaches and complaints. 



licensing Packages



Our annual licence is designed to give flexibility to agencies and their staff. 


We will provide the training video files to your agency and these can be uploaded to an Learning Management System (LMS) or induction course. 


Our annual licence comes with unlimited use for 12 months. Staff can stream it individually or as a group, it's completely up to you!


$2000 (excl. GST) per annual licence per course.


$4000 (excl. GST) for an annual licence for both courses.


Terms and conditions apply.



This package is designed for the agency ready to take its staff training to the next level!


Get all the benefits of our annual licence package and 4 hours of training time with our Director and Principal Lawyer, Rebecca Murray.


$5000 per agency.


Terms and conditions apply.



A licence per video can be purchased for individual staff members. These videos will be streamed on the RTI Consultants Learning Platform which will launch shortly.


Our individual licence packages are designed as a cost effective training mechanism for smaller agencies. 


Individual licences cost $75 (excl. GST) per staff member per course.


Total cost is $150 (excl. GST) per staff member for both courses.


Terms and conditions apply.

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