Keeping your commercial information confidential is fundamental to running a competitive business. But did you know that as soon as you provide information to the government it can be released under Queensland's right to information laws?


We believe in and support the release of government held information to the public and we recognise that most companies are happy to release  information, promoting their transparency and accountability.


However, there is a legitimate public interest in companies being able to protect commercially sensitive information and the legislation recognises this. We can ensure the legislation is applied appropriately by the government to your company's information and commercially sensitive material is kept confidential as envisioned by the Act. 


We can:

  • respond to third party consultation requests, where the government consults with your company about releasing information to the public
  • represent you in appeals, arguing for the protection of your information; and
  • provide advice on the operation of the legislation. 

We offer hourly rates and fixed fee options which can be tailored to each matter. Please contact us to obtain a quote.


If you need to access government held information, we can also lodge and manage right to information (RTI) and information privacy (IP) applications on your behalf for a fixed fee of $300.




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